Paco León and Amaia Salamanca present Guadalquivir, the new gin of Puerto de Indias peach, elderflower and orange

Versatile and consecrated in their profession, connoisseurs of trends and confessed lovers of the singular, the actors Paco León and Amaia Salamanca presented last night in Ramses the new proposal of Puerto de Indias: its Guadalquivir gin. It is a premium reference inspired by the natural richness of the river vega of the same name, and incorporating peach, elderflower, orange and juniper in its composition.

With this launch, the company – pioneer in creating strawberry gin, which is positioned today as the ninth most consumed in the world – goes back to its beginnings to pay homage to the origins of a brand that breaks again conventionalisms in its sector. Not for nothing, the name Port of Indies refers to the discovery of America, when Seville functioned as one of the main ports of exchange of goods between Spain and the New World. Precisely because of its connection with the Andalusian capital, the brand wanted to count Paco and Amaia as godparents in its long stand. The first one, which has premiered the second season of La Casa de las Flores, was born and raised in the Hispalense neighborhood of Parque Alcosa, while the well-known actress, who is part of the cast of Qué te Plays, the highest-grossing film of the year in Spain , maintains a close family affinity with the city.

Lovers of unpublished flavors, both represent the most contemporary Sevillian identity and share a visionary character with a brand that, like them, has been born with an icon vocation. During the presentation they posed with the gin and declared (lines of declarations on the mark, individual and/or joint).

Other familiar faces such as the socialite Carmen Lomana, journalist Teresa Baca, models Laura Sánchez and Palito Bosé , daughter of Paola Dominguín and Carlos Tristancho – and also actors Arlette Torres, Nerea Garmendia and Jesús Olmedo, also passed through photocall, among others. The main distributors and hospitality groups, as well as bloggers, journalists and influencers were also able to enjoy the best perfect serves of this new variety of Puerto de Indias.

The countryside of The Vega del Guadalquivir as inspiration

After the success of its pink distillate, which gave rise to a new category in the market, its citrus and refreshing Classic and its Pure Black Edition, inspired by the Andalusian spring, the new reference captures the origin of the brand, entering through its ingredients in the Vega del Guadalquivir countryside.

With a graduation of 37.5o, the predominant fruity presence of the peach is accompanied by a touch of elderflower, which acts as a link between its sweetness and the refreshing citrus flavor of orange. This mixture of flavors and aromas, together with juniper, make Puerto de Indias Guadalquivir a sophisticated and versatile gin, with its own personality, which is positioned as a perfect option to enjoy themselves in a relaxed way and at any time of the day and that is directs that consumer who seeks to enter the category of flavored gins. Whether at the time of the appetizer, in the afternoon or as the first drink of the night, it is suitable for any combination, either with tonic or with other types of mixers such as soda or ginger ale.

In short, Guadalquivir responds to the evolution of the spirit market and trends that value naturalness and kilometer zero. Its bottle is inspired by the Torre del Oro , symbol of the Seville of the Golden Age and the parent brand Puerto de Indias – and its colors, bronze, peach and emerald green, which make a nod to the tones of the Andalusian countryside, acquire a special shine with the reflection light.

About Port of India

Puerto de Indias is a Premium gin made in Carmona (Seville), which was born in 2013 in one of the oldest and most tradition-built distilleries in Andalusia. Its name is related to the discovery of America, when Seville became one of the main ports of exchange of goods between Spain and the New World.

In addition to the newly created Guadalquivir, it has three varieties of gin: Pure Black Edition, with a graduation of 40 degrees and an intense flavor; Strawberry, pioneer in its sector with an intense strawberry aroma; and Classic, 40 degrees, with a fresher and more citrus formula.

The combination of know-how and innovation, coupled with dedication and care in their careful distillation process, have made possible a consolidated product with its own personality that is in the process of expansion in the international market.