The Sevillian Premium Gin Puerto de Indias presents its new product Pure Black Edition in Madrid

The press release in pdf format can be downloaded here.

  • The new distillate, which is inspired by the springtime, incorporates floral aromas as characteristic of Andalusia as orange, lemon and orange blossom.
  • For its part, the bottle’s faceted body is presented in a black chromed glass and a set of prints which authenticate the brand.
  • It is now two years and a half since the birth of the Gin. Currently, it has initiated the international expansion of the product.


Madrid, 4 March 2016. Last night, The Sevillian Premium Gin Puerto de Indias presented its new image and variety Pure Black Edition in the Hotel Room Mate Óscar in the downtown Madrid square of Pedro Zerolo, which is located a few meters form the Gran Vía of Madrid.

It was a more intimate event that on other occasions, considering that its principal aim has been to present the new 40º Gin Pure Black Edition to the main clients and distributors of the Sevillian firm, which complements the two other varieties: Strawberry and Classic, as well as the new interpretation of the logo and image of the bottle.

In this regard, the event was attended by over 120 people including specialised journalists, who have been able to enjoy an initial reception and dinner as well as diverse and original types of cocktails prepared with the different versions of Gin Premium Puerto de Indias.


New variety Pure Black Edition: A Gin for the purist

Puerto de Indias has presented its new Gin Premium called Pure Black Edition in Madrid, a distillate of 40º for consumers with a greater predilection for more intense and stronger flavours.

The spring has been the principal inspiration behind this new Gin. Its delicate elaboration is completed by the typical aromas of this season of the year, including a soft touch of orange blossom and citrus, alongside other selected raw materials as jasmine and vanilla, which provides the products a distinctive aroma that reminds the flowering period.

This new gin inherits the essence and fragrance of Andalusia through elements so characteristics of this land as orange or lemon and its flower: the orange blossom. Nevertheless, Pure Black Edition is not a flavour gin, it is a floral fragrance distillate focused on the purest gin and tonic lovers.


The new image of the bottle

Basilio Rodríguez, Manager of Karmo Spirit Distribution Company of the Sevillian Premium Gin Puerto de Indias, explains: “this product is presented in a black chromed glass which provides elegance and delicacy to the gin accordingly to its meticulous elaboration. We believe this new variety is certainly to be welcomed amongst consumers that appreciates a bitter taste in the mouth”.

The bottle, which was presented a few month ago and inspired by the emblematic Tower of Gold symbol of Seville and the place where all the port activities of the city were concentrated, has a complex and faceted body which stands out by the bright and elegance generated when lights shines on it. It is completed by a labelled zone and a set of prints which authenticate the brand and enhance the identity of Puerto de Indias as a Premium Gin.

This month of March 2016 marks two years and a half of the Gin Puerto de India’s birth. The product has undertaken a stage in which, after positioning itself in the domestic market, has crossed the European frontiers to open the Asian and Latin American markets.


About Puerto de Indias

Puerto de Indias is a Premium Gin elaborated in Carmona (Seville), in one of the oldest and most traditional distilleries in Andalusia. Puerto de Indias owes its name to the discovery of America. A golden age of development commenced in Seville, due to its being the only port awarded the royal monopoly for trade with the growing Spanish colonies in the Americas.

There are 3 varieties of Gin: Pure Black Edition with an alcohol content of 40 grades and an intense flavour. This new gin completes the Puerto de Indias range that until now there were composed by smoother editions, as its Strawberry variety, pioneer in its sector with its intense strawberry aroma, or the Classic edition with 37,5 grades and more traditional flavour.

The combination of Know-how and innovation along with the dedication and care in its distillation process, have made possible a product with an unique personality which has already initiated the crossing to foreign markets.

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