The growth of Puerto de Indias internationally continues unstoppable with the celebration of events in Singapore, Italy and Israel

By 27/07/2018 News

Puerto de Indias continues its mission to spread the flavor and aroma of the authentic strawberry gin around the world. Therefore, the brand is continuously striving to boost the presence of their premium gin varieties in the countries where they were recently introduced.

Italy is one of the territories where Puerto de Indias has been very successful among the gin lovers. Thereupon, the Sevillian gin brand has participated in countless events and presentations throughout the transalpine country, introducing the characteristics of its products and getting more followers of this ‘pink revolution’.

Parties in the country’s most prestigious clubs, masterclass to reveal the best combinations for each variety, presence in festivals as important as San Remo… Large entities are already counting on Puerto de Indias for their promotions or even cocktails contests, as it happened recently at the Gin Summer Competition, a contest organized by the renowned IBar Academy Italia in Naples, where the best Italian bartenders enjoyed creating different cocktails with our Strawberry, Classic and Pure Black Edition.

Israel is another of the countries where Puerto de Indias has recently landed. Its impact on the Hebrew country has been so significant that we have already attended several events in its most distinguished bars in just a few months since its launch, delighting all gin lovers with innovative, colorful and perfectly balanced cocktails. Below, you can see a series of pictures of the brand presence at the cocktail festival held in the port of Herzliya, Tel Aviv.

As you can see if you are a faithful follower of the brand, Puerto de Indias has established a strong foothold in the Asian market, especially in Singapore, where the Strawberry variety is already the favorite of many locals and visitors thanks to its flavor, aroma and, above all, its look, where the pink color stands out as an identifying characteristic of this gin from Seville. Below, you can find a gallery of pictures where you can see the great acceptance of Sevillian gin in the luxurious 1880 nightclub, as well as a video of the latest event held at Empire.

We continue conquering territories. From Carmona to the world… Enjoy the authentic with Puerto de Indias!

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