Seville-based Puerto de Indias Premium Gin presents its new bottle, inspired by the Torre del Oro (Tower of Gold)

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The press release in pdf format can be downloaded here.

  • The new bottle is inspired by Seville’s Torre del Oro and presents a faceted body with a series of etchings that authenticate the brand name.
  • This is the second anniversary of this gin, which is now entering a new phase in its national and international strategy.

New Puerto de Indias bottle


Seville, 23rd of September. Puerto de Indias Premium Gin presented its new bottle in the Abades Triana Restaurant in Seville this evening in an event attended by the brand name’s principal distributors and customers as well as a selection of the city’s prominent citizens.

Inspired by the Torre del Oro, one of Seville’s most symbolic monuments and the former location of the city’s port activity, the new bottle has a complex and faceted body, the brilliance and elegance of which is highlighted when bathed in light. The bottle is completed with a labelling area and a series of etchings that authenticate the brand name and accentuate the Puerto de Indias identity as a Premium Gin.

While the lines of its predecessor have been respected and integrated into the new design, the glass bottle now contains elements that have been carefully selected for their ability to incorporate the latest printing techniques in an effort to increase the overall aesthetic and conceptual beauty of the finished piece. In addition, the stylized and refined lines of the new bottle bring to mind a bottle of perfume, a detail that lends the product a unique and distinguishing trait.

According to the manager of Karmo Spirit, Basilio Rodríguez, “this renewed appearance is an effort to raise the product to the heights expected by our customers, without whom we would not be where we are today. Our intention has been to return to them some of the support they have shown over these past two years, and we have done it the best way we know how: improving the product externally, as internally we already know we have achieved maximum quality”.

New phase

Beginning in September, 2015, on the second anniversary of the launch of Puerto de Indias Gin, the product entered a new phase in which the national and international markets will play a starring role in the strategy of the Seville-based brand name.

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