Family and friends join Puerto de Indias to celebrate its 5th anniversary at an event full of light and colour

By 01/10/2018 News

A 5-Year anniversary doesn´t happen every day. And when it comes to a company that has managed to sell more than 15 million bottles worldwide in the last five years, achieving 55% of the national consumption of pink gins, this event takes on a much more special meaning.

Innovation, originality, tradition, know-how and effort. That is how these five years of history of the Seville premium gin, Puerto de Indias, could be summarised. A product that emerged in the town of Carmona and that, thanks to its exponential growth year after year, has become a benchmark in the spirits industry.

The broadcaster and presenter Pepe Da-Rosa was the host of this great gala held at Seville’s Pabellón de la Navegación, an exceptional venue on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, festooned down to the smallest detail with the brand’s new image. About 900 people attended, including customers, distributors, media, family and friends, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the brand that promoted, through the so-called “miracle of the pink gin”, a new paradigm in the beverage sector.

José Antonio and Francisco Rodríguez, founding partners of Puerto de Indias, also had the opportunity to take the stage, and Javier Barnés, sales manager, reviewed the growth of Puerto de Indias since its creation. All speakers praised the efforts of all members of the different departments that make up the company. In addition, they did not hesitate to thank all the support received from those gathered at this special event and from the millions of consumers of the brand who already cover 25 different countries.

In this sense, Puerto de Indias is already 9th in the list of gins by consumption, according to the latest report by the International Wines and Spirits Record (IWSR). This feat was achieved in a very short time and highlights the great work carried out by the firm from Carmona during this short period, giving a glimpse of the levels that can be attained in the near future.

The evening was livened up by live music, with electric guitar, bass and drums with providing a relaxed and pleasant jazz accompaniment. Alejandro Vega provided a full repertoire for rumba and flamenco, and the DJ played the latest sounds to boost the party spirit.

The guests enjoyed an amazing cocktail in the middle of an event in which interesting dishes were provided, and of course perfect serves and cocktails created by the brand’s team of bartenders. Everyone who went up to the immense Puerto de Indias bar enjoyed the flavour and aroma of the different varieties of Strawberry, Classic and Pure Black Edition gin.

Emotion, music, fun and passion. This was the end of an amazing evening full of magic and hope in celebration of recognize the trajectory of a brand that has put Seville at the centre of the spirits industry, recalling that era in which the city of Seville and its Port of the Indies were the world capital. And for many more years yet!

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