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By 06/09/2018 News

Little by little summer is coming to an end but the high temperatures and the desire to enjoy pleasant evenings with family and friends mean that there is still time to sit outside at beach bars and beside pools for a while. Over these summer months, Puerto de Indias lovers have been able to enjoy different brand products in countless venues throughout Spain, on the coast and inland.

This post contains a series of perfect serves, prepared simply for you to enjoy all the characteristics of our different varieties of premium gin directly in your home and to delight your guests with some daring refreshments ideal for discovering new and delicious combinations.

Perfect serve Puerto de Indias Strawberry

Natural strawberries are still the ideal complement for our flagship beverage. In addition, it is possible to complement your gintonic Puerto de Indias Strawberry with other elements to enhance different flavors. To make this perfect serve we will need 5 cl of our pink gin, accompanied by 20 cl of lemon lime soda and, to complete it, we incorporate a slice of lime that will provide a freshness without equal to fill the glass with the summeriest of sensations. Ideal for a romantic night on the beach watching the stars!

Perfect serve Puerto de Indias Classic

For those palates accustomed to more traditional brands, our fresh, citrus and classic gin represents a true summer revolution. If you want to enjoy a concoction in clear harmony with the summer, just pour 5 cl of Puerto de Indias Classic into a glass previously cooled with ice, then add 20 cl of lemon soda. Next, add some slices of lemon to enhance the citrus fruit used to make this product. An undoubtedly brilliant way to quell the high summer temperatures and savour the freshness of our most refreshing gin.

Perfect serve Puerto de Indias Pure Black Edition

We also have something for those who enjoy strong taste sensations. If you are one of those people who prefer an intense gin and tonic, then this is the one for you. Pour 5 cl of Puerto de Indias Pure Black Edition along with 20 cl of classic tonic into a pre-chilled glass. Add a slice of orange, cinnamon stick and orange leaf to the glass. These ingredients will enhance the aromas of our most intense gin, and the citrus, vanilla, orange blossom and jasmine will transport you to the Andalusian spring.

Try these Puerto de Indias perfect serve recipes and enjoy the summer for a little bit longer! Do you have a recipe made with our gins that you would like to share with us? Send it to us through our social networks (Facebook, Twitter o Instagram)!


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