Conditions of Purchase - Puerto De Indias Gin

Conditions of Purchase

1. Published prices

The prices shown in the online shop include the corresponding taxes. Upon completing the purchase process, a breakdown of the amount corresponding to taxes can be found. Puerto de Indias informs users that the prices marked on products may be reviewed and altered at any time.

2. Forms of payment

Puerto de Indias offers three forms of payment, at no time storing the bank details provided by the client:

  1. Bank transfer – In case of selecting payment by transfer, once the order is completed and confirmation is received, proof of payment must be sent to the email address, along with your name, surname and order number.
  2. Credit cardIf the client has selected this payment method, they will receive a confirmation email instantly and their order will be processed. It is a secure payment platform that allows the use of VISA and MasterCard. In this case, it will not be necessary to send proof of payment by email.
  3. PayPal If this option is selected when making the payment, the client will not have to pay the additional cost associated with this service, which will be borne by Puerto de Indias.

3. Shipping methods and delivery times

From confirmation of payment and processing of the order, the client will receive the goods in the maximum period of 72 hours for destinations located in Spain, within the Peninsula, and provided that there is no incident which may delay delivery. The home delivery service may be carried out between 08:00 and 19:00 from Monday to Friday and without prior notice. In case of no one being at the address provided, the client will receive a notification at their address, informing them of a second delivery attempt. In case of the second attempt also failing, the package will remain at the office of the transport agency for 10 days, after which the order will be returned to Puerto de Indias.

  • Upon receiving the order, it is important to carry out the following actions:
  • Check that the goods received match the order made.
  • Report any issue or fault on the delivery note, along with the client’s signature.
  • Not accept the order in case of the box being damaged. Once the package is opened, return of the goods will not be permitted.

4. Transport costs

Once the products have been selected in the online shop, the corresponding transport cost will be added for the order made, which will depend on the weight of the goods and the destination.

5. Exchanges and returns

Puerto de Indias does not permit exchanges or returns for orders acquired through the online shop. It is only possible to cancel an order before it has been sent. To do so, it is necessary to make a request by email to